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TCD - Special issues

Volumes and issues
Year Special issues
2015 Changing Permafrost in the Arctic and its Global Effects in the 21st Century (PAGE21) (BGD/ESSDD/GMDD/TCD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. K. Thonike, V. Brovkin, P.Stoy, S. Natali, I. Laurion, B. Elberling, S. Gruber, J. Boike, S. Lamoreux, and C. Wilson, O. Eisen, and D. Carlson

International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS) Second Open Science Conference (CPD/TCD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. E. Wolff, M. van den Broeke, B. Stenni, E. Brook, K. Goto-Azuma, S. Hou, T. van Ommen, and C. Ritz

The evolution of permafrost in mountain regions
Eds. C. Hauck, M. Phillips, K. Isaksen, M. Krautblatter, and N. Salzmann

Intercomparison of methods to characterise snow microstructure
Eds. M. Schneebeli, F. Dominé, C. Fierz, P. Marsh and S. Morin

The World Meteorological Organization Solid Precipitation InterComparison Experiment (WMO-SPICE) and its applications (AMTD/ESSDD/HESSD/TCD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. M. E. Earle, S. Morin, R. M. Rasmussen, M. A. Wolff, and D. Yang
2013 Earth observation of the Cryosphere
Eds. J. L. Bamber, I. M. Howat, J. Stroeve, J. O. Hagen, D. Hall, A. Kääb, R. Kelly, and R. Kwok
2012 International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS): 2012 First Open Science Conference (CPD/TCD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. M. Albert, C. Barbante, J. Chappellaz, R. Greve, E. Isaksson, K. Kawamura, A. N. LeGrande, M. Van den Broeke, G. Winckler, and E. Wolff

Interactions between climate change and the Cryosphere: SVALI, DEFROST, CRAICC (2012–2016) (TCD/ACPD/BGD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. J. Bäck, M. Bilde, M. Boy, T. R. Christensen, J. O. Hagen, M. Hansson, H. Järvinen, M. Kulmala, T. Laurila, A. Stohl, H. Skov, A. Massling, M. Glasius, and S. M. Noe

Ice-Atmosphere-Ocean interactions in the Arctic Ocean during IPY: the Damocles project (ACPD/OSD/TCD Inter-Journal SI)
Eds. O. Persson, T. Garrett, K. Dethloff, H. Eicken, J. M. Huthnance, and K. J. Heywood
2010 Ice and climate change: a view from the south
Eds. G. Casassa, A. Rivera, K. Steffen, and G. H. Gudmundsson

Modeling the spatial dynamics of permafrost and seasonally frozen ground at diverse scales
Eds. S. Gruber, R. Rigon, D. Riseborough, M. Stendel, and T. Zhang

Ice2sea – estimating the future contribution of continental ice to sea-level rise

Ice Caves
Eds. M. Luetscher, C. Spötl, and F. Obleitner
Publications Copernicus